An undated planner designed to help you find more inspiration in your life.

Inside: INSPIRATION ROAD MAP - prompts designed to bring awareness to what truly inspires you

THE NEXT 16 WEEKS - this section is to list what it is you will explore and look to accomplish over the next 16 weeks

INSPIRATION VISION BOARD - A space for you to collate your inspiration ‘highlights’ that can use to remind you of why you have set out on this path.

16 WEEKS: The 16 weeks are split into four 4-week plans consisting of:

- A four Week Planner (Double Spread) to allow you to plan ahead

- Daily Page for your to-do’s, schedule, and daily reflections

- Weekly Reflections There are extended reflections at the end of 8 weeks to allow for any amendments to your initial 16 week plan

TO DO LISTS & NOTES Extra To-do lists and Note pages are given at the back should you just need a bit more space.

Made in United Kingdom