Fade into the Abstract : MOONDANCE

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Moving and reflective moon beam earrings with a detachable gemstone stud ear post. This earring doubles as TWO, simply take out the stud and wear it on its own!

Made from brass with Sterling Silver ear posts.

Choose from Kingman Turquoise or Black Obsidian Copper.

3" long.

Sterling Silver ear posts.

>>>Jewelry Care<<<

Brass is a yellow alloy of copper and zinc, resembling gold in color. Each piece is given a coat of wax, creating a barrier, allowing the shiny gold color to keep. However, tarnish and patina will happen over time, giving your piece a unique aged look. If you prefer to keep your jewelry in a more golden state, here are a few tips that can help:

- Avoid wearing your jewelry in the shower
- Use a jewelry cleaning cloth to brighten and shine
- Store your jewelry in a dry place, preferably a non-tarnish zip lock bag
About Fade Into The Abstract:

Kristen Nivala's designs are influenced by celestial geometries, ancient textiles, and organic textures. She includes these elements in her work with a reductionist approach, hand fabricating metal into geometric shapes with natural stones and gems, to create her own collection of Modern Bohemian Jewelry.

Location: Seattle, WA