MISHA owner, Malia Michelle, was born into a gypsy lifestyle of adventure and bloom. Raised by hippie parents, Malia was encouraged to express herself through artistry, imagination and dance. In those early years she could be found building forts and dreaming of far off exotic lands and the adventures that awaited her. 

Malia’s earliest creation was her hand woven dreamcatcher. It was her interpretation of these iconic symbols that began the dream of the MiSHA modern bohème lifestyle experience. Malia’s dreamcatchers signify creating dreams and as such you will find the dreamcatchers at MiSHA identified as a “dream”.  

The feather symbolizes the call to awaken your wild spirit and be free. Malia lives by the mantra that art has no boundaries; rules or guidelines-art is an expression of self. She believes that being creative and having fun is what life is truly all about. These are the principals that frame the MiSHA experience. 

MISHA is the lovechild destination of Malia’s story…MISHA embodies the nomadic lifestyle of flowing fabrics and dreamcatchers. MiSHA is the home for the modern flower child, the free spirit, and the feminine bohemian gypsy...Shop MISHA for pieces inspired and ignited by the beauty of the wild and rooted in femininity.

Visit the storefront MiSHA  or shop on the web www.shopmisha.com for apparel, accessories and home decor. For the traveling nomad, shop our GYPSY TENT; exclusively available at our seasonal pop up shops and markets in the Pacific Northwest.